2010 AGM
The Raceway 81 (Newcatsle Slot Car Club) AGM was held on the 7th June 2010.  The following is a report on the matters voted upon and also ancillary discussions in other business.
Matters for debate and voting;-

1) A Club rule book to be made available for reference at the club in accordance with the classes we race (and any amendment forward of this day). This is in the process of Formatting and will be available in the Club By the second week of July.
TRACK Protection
It was agreed unanimously that a measure should be taken to enforce minimum ride heights.
2) Ground Clearance;-  Ground clearance for Qualifying will be a minimum of 0.7mm, the car will enter the race on the same set of tyres it qualified with. This was not supported
2a   Ground Clearance - at all times during racing cars must have a minimum of 0.3mm. Random checks to be made during racing. 2a was agreed by a wide majority of 10 votes
Ground Clearance for Hard body will be 1mm.  No Gears are allowed to protrude below the level of the chassis in ANY class. The ground clearance rule for Hard Body retro and also the general No gear below chassis line in any class was confirmed by a majority of votes.
3) Car Standards. All cars will comply with the rules of the class including Body  types.  Confirmed Unanimously
4) Wing Cars should be raced once per month only. Confirmed Unanimously
To fill the vacant slot there are  possibilities
A) 1/28 - 1/32 Formula One may be moved from a Monday night slot to make both race nights into a 4 week rotation. This providing All racers currently in the series agree. Voted against
B) One Thursday per month to be a Production Team Race Championship (with teams of 2 drivers). Only one member of the team may be a “PRO”. (Pros are being top 3 in the 1/24th Sports Production Championship at the start of the championship + the person holding the fastest race total in Production Sports Championship.) Voted against
C) Race D3 F1 to replace the wing car night (This is probably Not a bright idea at this time as there are not enough racers with cars) Voted against  
D)  combine D3 sports and D3 F1 into one evening.) Confirmed unanimously by D3 racers
Further discussion decided that Thursday night racing should be placed on a 3 week rota, viz;-
D3, Hardbody 1/32 & Wing with the 4th week of the rotation being held as a “spare evening”, the racers deciding what function this would perform the week before.

5) Hard Body class

Our 1/32nd Hard body Class to be opened up to more modern GT / Saloon cars, still disallowing any prototype or open cockpit cars. Modern cars will race to the same rules as American trophy but with 3 addition rules;-
a) maximum track 64mm
b) Maximum chassis width 58mm (body mounting tubes or brackets of minimal sizing are allowed to body width.)
This will allow no advantage in racing the more modern cars, but will allow access to a far wider selection of bodies.
c) Body shell must remain uncut (with the exception of lightly trimming wheel arches to fit tyres) in terms of it’s moulded profile and must retain its the original interior
Note;- Minimum ground clearance for all cars in the Hard Body Class will remain at 1mm.
The introduction of the above changes to the 1/32 Hard Body Class were voted for by a majority (9 votes)

6) Maintenance Breaks - Working on the car is allowed during the lane changes. No breaks during the race will be allowed other than in extreme circumstances, to repair 3rd party crash damage only.  Voted for Unanimously.

7)  The JK Hawk motor, either standard or in the ABH expoxied and tagged format may be used in 1/24th production Sports and Saloon classes providing the gear ratio used in any such car is no shorter than 3.5:1 (e.g. 10/35 or 12/42. This does not discount the use of Falcon motors. Voted For Unanimously

Peter Sidgwick (club treasurer) presented the balance of the club funds and a discussion ensued in regard to opportunities to increase the potential income of the club in regard to “visitor race nights” ,  corporate  events and kids club.
It was noted that there was still some work to be done in the venue in terms of the ceiling and heating to facilitate year round  access and use by the public and also implications of PNC checking of members willing to run a kids club and Public Liability insurance and measures needed to be taken to facilitate these.
Andy Brown-Searle (club secretary) also noted that there would be an application to Gateshead Council in regard to a part grant to assist with heating installation.

Other business
A representation was made to the membership by Andrew Aynsley in regard to general behaviour and relationships between Drivers and marshalls and the respect which should be shown between those while racing. Marshalls should pay attention to their duties and racers should respect the   function that the turn marshalls fulfil and also show understanding and respect..

Additionally it was recognised that all members should be responsible for the cleanliness of the premises in terms of returning used mugs to the refreshment area, using the bins provided for waste material and to keep the facilities, including the toilet facilities clean and well maintained.

The Meeting Closed at 8pm.