Open G12 Sports   -  rules - same as BSCRA Open G12 rules. Minimum rear ground clearance at race start 0.5mm.

1/24th scale Production Saloon. 2 piece production chassis with BSCRA/ISRA approved saloon car bodies.  Motor - JK Hawk 6 with Proslot Hawk Armature (ballraces are permitted on the motor) . Rear axle must be 3/32” diameter with oilite type bushings.  Fixed gear ratio for this class is 12/42 in 72pitch  or 8/36 in 64 pitch. Minimum start ground clearance 0.5mm.

1/24th scale INTROSPORT.  Free chassis choice, Free choice of FK type motor, fixed gear ratio of 9/37. Bodies;- any non ultimate LMP body. Tyres must be Supernatural rubber supplied by the club shop. Minimum start ground clearance 0.5mm.

1/28th scale Formula One / 1/32 scale Formula One.

1/28th scale chassis either Radcovick or AB chassis, 1/28th scale body by BPA only.

1/32 scale chassis may be any Falcon Pro type  chassis with 1/32 scale BSCRA/ISRA approved body.

Motor - Any FK type motor, free gear ratio choice. Both 1/28 and 1/32 scale cars run on 1/32 scale rear tyres.

Max width - 1/32 scale 68mm. 1/28th scale  70mm.  Minimum start rear clearance 0.5mm

1/32 Scale Falcon Pro Sports & BSCRA G12 Saloon

Falcon Pro Sports is run to the Falcon Pro 1/32 Rules - find these by clicking here

BSCRA G12 Saloon is run to BSCRA rules - find these by clicking here

Minimum Start rear clearance for both Saloon and Falcon sports classes 0.5mm

Please note that as this is a 2 class night racing may be reduced to 2 minute segments dependant on demand. Therefore the championship will be points based rather than laps, as per;-

Points - 1st – 25, 2nd – 21, 3rd – 18, 4th – 17, 5th – 16, 4th – 17, 5th – 16 and then down by 1 point.

All UKRRA retro classes are run to UKRRA Rules. This covers the following classes;-

Retro Saloon

Tottenham Sports / Retro Sports

Retro Formula One

Retro Can-Am / Coupe

Rules for the above classes may be found by clicking here

Please note Start rear clearances for all classes except Tottenham/Retro Sports is 0.5mm

Start rear Clearance for Tottenham Sports/Retro Sports is 0.062”


Chassis – Mack chassis – no chassis modifications – must use rear swing (slot-it) guide. Scratch build. No center pivot. – Free guide.


Sellotape maybe added to the chassis to stop braids shorting against chassis.

Chassis and chassis attachments must be within the profile of the shell.

Hawk 25K motor.

Gears 12/37

Ground clearance =1mm without the guide.

All wheels must touch and rotate.

Wheel width 10-12mm front and back.

Wheel Diameter 18mm minimum.

Body shell – GT Models mini shell. As a minimum the body shell shall have,

Grille & head lights.

Body shell shall be detailed appropriately.

Body maybe 1 main colour.

Interior shall be the GT models vacuum formed interior supplied with the shell (painted), with the GT models molded driver head installed.

THURSDAY NIGHT RACING A Copy of the BSCRA rulebook Can be found by clicking here