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The second round of the Lucky 13 Proxy series arrived at Raceway 81 on the 28th of April.

The format ;- 20 cars from around the world, get raced by 6 selected drivers. All the cars are raced by all the drivers in a 2 minute heat format This consisted of 4 segmental races of 5 cars. The drivers stayed on the same lane and the cars changed lanes between segments.  Drivers had a warm up prior to each race segment with each individual car. Breaks for chat, beer, Walnut cake and toasties were taken between segmental  finals.  Thanks go to the racers, the marshals and to Steve Kempson and “other arf” Kate for coming up from London with the cars and also organising the series overall .

Fastest racer of the day was Richy Kettleson on lane 5.  The winning car was once again “Lowrider” Steve Kempson, so Steve leads the series with two UK wins.  So now to Lugano on the start of the cars worldwide journey!

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A Couple of the prettiest  cars!
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YOUTUBE VIDEO LINKS .com/watch?v=eObv w8frFYA .com/watch?v=JoGT Yw2KDGk .com/watch?v=bMfs KApwJ4Q

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Fastest Racer Dude!