Round 1   North London    APRIL 22nd & 23rd

Round 2   Highlands         JUNE  10th & 11th

Round 3   Raceway 81     AUGUST 5th & 6th

Round 4  Rockingham     OCTOBER 14th & 15th

UKRRA RACE SERIES 2017 North Lodon location map.pdf 2017 UKRRA Rule Book PDF Downloads

Please download a copy of the 2017 rules to ensure you are aware of updates in F1, Saloon and the Sporting rules. Click on the links to download PDF format files.


Formula One

Can Am

Tottenham Sports

Retro Sports

Sporting Rules


Re the addition to the rules:-

F1) There has been a request that we look at reducing the minimum tyre diameter and minimum rear ground clearance in Formula One. This is to enable extended use of tyres. I.E. They can cycle through Can-Am then F1 then Saloon. Dimensions published in the F1 rules.

Saloon)  The new advisory heights for saloon bodies now published in the Saloon rules.

Sporting rules) A new paragraph added confirming rule change procedure and voting rights.

Concourse HIGHLANDS ROUND 2 Concours Results Highlands Download Highlands  Results in excel format Click Here Download Championship Table for the first 2 rounds In excel format Click here highlands results.xlsx championship results.xlsx Apologies for loss of data in regard to fast laps  and Quali in Saloon and F1 ROUND 3 Raceway 81 Race resultss Concours points to follow.  Find photos of the race at NEXT RACE - ROCKINGHAM   October 14th &15th 2018 Race Dates

North London 21+22 April

Raceway 81 9+10 June

Highlands 8 18+19 August

Rockingham 6+7 October

Please note;-  For 2018 the rules are unchanged from 2017. The admin team are however working on a simplified rule set and we hope to have this published by Christmas.