Round 1   North London    APRIL 22nd & 23rd

Round 2   Highlands         JUNE  10th & 11th

Round 3   Raceway 81     AUGUST 5th & 6th

Round 4  Rockingham     OCTOBER 14th & 15th

UKRRA RACE SERIES 2017 North Lodon location map.pdf 2017 UKRRA Rule Book PDF Downloads

Please download a copy of the 2017 rules to ensure you are aware of updates in F1, Saloon and the Sporting rules. Click on the links to download PDF format files.


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Sporting Rules

Round 1 North London results CLICK VENUES TO SEE LOCATION/CONTACT DETAILS Concourse HIGHLANDS RESULTS Concours Results Highlands Download Highlands  Results in excel format Click Here Download Championship Table for the first 2 rounds In excel format Click here highlands results.xlsx championship results.xlsx Apologies for loss of data in regard to fast laps  and Quali in Saloon and F1 NEXT RACE - RACEWAY 81   August 5th and 6th !

After a number of meetings of the UKRRA delegates at the Highlands meeting, we wish to confirm a number of issues arising in regard to the rules to ensure fairness for all racers.

During this year it is hoped that the rule book will be re written to make some aspects of the rules clearer for racers. This will not alter any rules but make them clearer to understand.

In the interim here are the following confirmations of rules which appear to being contravened in some instances;-

1) The rule book describes any use of added “aero” in each class,. Unless the rule book specifically allows added “aero” devices to bodies in a specific class, addition of aero devices is not legal.

2)  The rule book (in all classes) says that cars must have 4 wheels (2 front and two rear) which must touch and roll. If at any time during the race a wheel, or in fact any part of the chassis which may become detached  and become a danger to other cars or marshals, or an interior which may become detached (and then removed which would give said car a weight/handling advantage), said car must be removed from the track and REPAIRED IN RACE TIME.  Race time means any time during the race, between the start of said race and the end of said race when the power is s live and until turned off at the end of the last segment e.g. Track Calls and Lane Changes are NOT part of Race Time, Therefor if a car has been removed from the track for a repair during a race, it must be repaired in a pit area (or adjacent “hot pit”) and during any “power off”  times during said race (track calls or lane changes) ,  work must stop until such time as the track is restarted and power is resumed.

This is to ensure fairness to All racers. Infringements of this requirement may be sanctioned by lap penalties commensurate with the elapsed time of said infringement and the average lap time of cars in that heat, that is to say if the average lap time is 5 seconds, then a penalty of 12 laps per minute of said infringement would be allocated to the score of the car/driver.

3) Materials;-  The rules for all classes define the construction materials for chassis to be;-

Brass sheet or tube (including commercially made extrusions such as round, square, angle or rectangular section), Piano Wire and one spring steel guide plate, as defined in the rules.

It is accepted that in the Tottenham Class that there were original cars of the period made in other materials, however, such chassis are only legal if they are run in their original condition and design and not remanufactured or modified to become competitive under the present rules.

Simply put, if the chassis is not constructed of brass and piano wire as described in the previous paragraph it is not legal.