The Series Stewards would like to thank all those who have raced in and supported the 2016 series.

2016 has been a great year for the UKRRA series with new faces joining the series and swelling the number of racers in the series to over 30, with more new racers expressing interest in 2017.

During the series the Stewards listen to the racers and attempt to gauge if there may be any issues which may need fixing for the next season of the championship. This year there are four things which have come about.

1) It has been noticed that there are a few Saloon car bodies out there which are either mounted a little on the low side or “raked”.  For 2017 there will be advisory dimensions for saloon cars as follows;-

Minimum roof height;- 34mm

Maximum rear wing height;- 28mm

Minimum height across the hood/bonnet at the centerline of the Front Wheels;- 23mm

Maximum height of the bottom of the rear skirt/valance (rear of the bottom of the body) ;- 12mm (0.472”)

These rules will become mandatory in 2018.

Existing and new saloon bodies  should be recognisable representations of cars that ran in Trans-Am, Stock Cars or any touring / saloon car series in Britain, Europe or Australasia, raced before the end of December 1975.

Recourse to the “banned bodies” rules will apply to any body not meeting the required dimensions or above criteria.

2) There has been a request that we look at changing the minimum tyre diameter and minimum rear ground clearance in Formula One to enable tyres from F1 to be used in other classes. The 1st round at North London will be a trial for this. So in Formula One minimum tyre diameter will be 0.790” (20.066mm) and minimum rear ground clearance will be 0.040” (1.016mm). If after this trial it is welcomed by the racers it may be adopted in the rules.

3) An additional rule will be added to the sporting regulations as per;-

Should there be any rule changes to be voted on by the racers at the end of a season, any racer who has competed in 2 counting rounds of the championship will be eligible to vote.

4) The only vote required this year was in regard to the 2017 series is the number of rounds which the series will have.

Voting has now closed with the following result

Therefor the 2017 series will continue as a 4 round series.  Dates will be advised hopefully by the end of the first week in December so racers can toss them in their diary before Christmas. Revised downloads of the 2017 rules will be available around the same time.

Round 1   North London    APRIL 22nd & 23rd

Round 2   Highlands         JUNE  10th & 11th

Round 3   Raceway 81     AUGUST 5th & 6th

Round 4  Rockingham     OCTOBER 14th & 15th

UKRRA RACE SERIES 2017 North Lodon location map.pdf 2017 UKRRA Rule Book PDF Downloads

Please download a copy of the 2017 rules to ensure you are aware of updates in F1, Saloon and the Sporting rules. Click on the links to download PDF format files.


Formula One

Can Am

Tottenham Sports

Retro Sports

Sporting Rules


Re the addition to the rules:-

F1) There has been a request that we look at reducing the minimum tyre diameter and minimum rear ground clearance in Formula One. This is to enable extended use of tyres. I.E. They can cycle through Can-Am then F1 then Saloon. Dimensions published in the F1 rules.

Saloon)  The new advisory heights for saloon bodies now published in the Saloon rules.

Sporting rules) A new paragraph added confirming rule change procedure and voting rights.

Concourse NEXT RACE  HIGHLANDS JUNE10th & 11th