Raceway 81 is open on Saturday mornings for 1/24th  Introsport racing 10am. - 2pm.

This is suitable for all racers from newcomers to club members. All racing will be  1/24th Scale Production  sports cars.

Youngsters should be accompanied by an adult. Parents are welcome to come, get involved or just enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the fun.

House cars and instruction  are available for beginners.

Saturday racing Entry Fee including use of house car (including track time) and race fee, £6.50 per  visit.  (Juniors, under 16 and accompanied by a racing adult £3.50 ).

Visitors with own cars (including use of hand controller)  £5.00 per Adult, £2.50 per junior  (under 16  and accompanied by a racing adult.

Introsport cars, built to the racing rules and also spare parts will be available from the club shop for sale at reasonable prices.

All Club members race for free with their own cars. See race rules below :-

Download A Poster with all information In full colour CLICK HERE

Race Rules -

This class is an introduction to slot car racing, utilising simple and strong chassis with low powered and reliable motors.
The chassis;
- Open chassis
- Falcon 7 or JK Hawk Retro motor
- Pinion 9t 64dp
- Gear 37t 64dp
- Tyres - Super Natural  (purchased only from the club shop)
- Body Shell - JK LMP, available from the club shop
- Maximum width 83mm
- Maximum wing height 40mm
- Minimum clearance 0.5mm

All Saturday racers will use House Hand Controllers


Track Record Graeme Stephenson


AVE. SEC. PER LAP  4.782

2016 Race Results CLICK HERE FOR 2015 RESULTS saturdays2015 a3 poster 2016.pdf STARTING JANUARY 9th 2016