15 keen racers arrived for this round of the 2015 British Open Championship to compete on the fastest 6 lane track in the UK.  It was great to see some of the top names in UK racing and also our friend Simmi Gustavson from Sweden, making for a competitive and fun weekend.

The Doors opened on Friday afternoon for open practice, followed on the Saturday by the Production Saloon race and Open g12 Qualifying and some Open practice, with the Open G12 race and Eurosport race on the Sunday, ensuring a timely finish for all competitors with a 5.30 prize giving!


Production Saloon_1st.jpg Open G12 Sports_1st.jpg EuroSport_1st.jpg Click photos for full size images trophies.jpg Download Excel results file click here 3 saloon.jpg 2 saloon.jpg 3 og12.jpg 2og12.jpg og12 main grade.jpg 1sal.jpg concours.jpg 7.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg og121.jpg es1.jpg simmi2.jpg es3.jpg ESmain grade.jpg Saloon Winner Saloon 2nd place overall  and 1st Main grade. Fanz’s 1st major Result in 1/24 B.O.C. Saloon 3rd place Open G12 Winner Open G12 2nd place Open G12 3rd place Open G12 1st Main Grade Overall Concours winner Pat Skene Eurosport Winner Eurosport 2nd place Eurosport 3rd place Eurosport 1st Main Grade