The 2016 Series dates and venues

April 23/24 North London

June 25/26 Highlands

August 20/21 Raceway 81

September 17/18 Teeside (non counting round)

October 15/16 Rockingham

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North London location map.pdf

2016 Rules downloads



Formula One

Tottenham Sports

Retro Sports

Sporting Regulations

Can-Am2016.pdf Saloon2016.pdf Formula12016.pdf TottenhamRetroSportsCars2016.pdf retro  sports 2016.pdf UKRRASportingRegulations.pdf In PDF format Download illustration Click the links below   As a Jpeg   As a PDF torsion bar 1 illust.jpg torsion bar illustration.pdf The UKRRA 2016 Events Poster will be available for download soon! Check back here for details

Voting Results UKRRA 2016

Total Voters 22

1) 5 Rounds with 4 to count


2) 5 Rounds to count  (for a counting round 75% of the votes were required to carry


3) Non counting Round


4) Increase Tottenham front ride height to original dimension prior to last years rule change


5) Define Torsion Bar definition as per the description above