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Page 31 Raceway 81 Members meeting  30th November 2015

A meeting of the majority of members was held on the 30th of November to discuss racing formats for 2016.

The basis of the discussion was how to lower costs of racing in terms of kit and how we could limit servicing / repairs in specific classes. Also to make Monday evening racing more accessible to novice racers in terms of the classes raced.

The changes set out below will come into force from February 1st 2016

Raceway 81 club meeting 2015, Monday 30/11/15


Agenda – Racing classes


1 – Swap Mini from Thursday night to Monday night – Agreed

2 – Swap OG12 from Monday night to Thursday night – Agreed

3 – Change from JK Hawk 6 motors in 1/24th production saloon to FK motors on the current restricted gear ratio of 3.5:1 (eg. 12/42, 10/35). or longer  Agreed

4 – Re-name and change OG12. Agreed

Maintain the current chassis and body rules regarding OG12, however changing from G12 motors to JK Hawk 6 set-ups with replacement HK tagged armatures.

The gear ratio restricted to 3.5:1 (eg. 12/42, 10/35) or longer.

This will vastly reduce the cost of running OG12 style cars, but maintain the essence of running high speed high downforce cars.

 It will also allow club members to focus their G12 motors for BOC / Open, rather than running them into the ground on a monthly basis.

 The class will be re-named Open Group Hawk.

 5  – Restrict the gear ratio of 1/28th scale F1 to 9/37. This should reduce the pace of the cars making the class overall more satisfying to race and the cars less tasking I regard to repair / maintenance. This may also allow the 1/32nd scale formula 2 cars to be more equally matched to the pace of the 1/28th cars. Agreed


Open Events that Raceway 81 is scheduled to hold in 2016;

-          Plastic Fun Race January 10

-          Area Round March 13th

-          1/24th BOC April 9 & 10th

-          Pro-Am Cup June 12th

-          UKKRA Summer Retro Festival August 20th & 21st