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Club Night Racing at Raceway 81 happens on Monday and Thursday evenings. Mondays are primarily modern race classes and Thursdays is dedicated to Retro Racing.

The majority of classes are intended as low cost racing, with a number of faster classes such as G12 1/32 Saloon and 1/24 Open G12, for those who want to go fast!

Generally, the track is cleaned at the end of the 5 week racing cycle.

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Novice / newcomer racers may race an approved GT12 type chassis fitted with a Falcon motor and 9/37 gear ratio in the following classes :-

Falcon Production 1/24th Saloon, Falcon Pro Sports 1/24th, Retro Saloon, Retro Can Am & Retro Coupe  (only a suitable body change is required)

+ a number of 1/32 Falcon Pro Sports House cars will be available for novices if they wish to race on that night.

(however there is limited availability for these and they should be prebooked 14 days in advance)

Both 1/32 Scale G12 Saloon and 1/32 Scale Falcon Pro classes will race on the same evening.

Racers may race both classes if they have legal cars and wish to do so.  Dependant on entry this may mean a variation of race time from 3 to 2 minutes per segement. For this reason, both series will count “Points” as opposed to “Laps” in the championship scoring.

Point will be awarded as per;- 1st - 25, 2nd 20, 3rd - 18 and then 17 and down in increments of 1 point.

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Both Classes race together and qualify out for start position.

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saturday Open G12 Sports Production Saloon 1/24 Introsport 1/32 / 1/28 Formula One 1/32 Saloon Car Falcon Pro 1/32 Sports Retro Saloon Tottenham & Retro Sports Retro Formula One Retro Can-Am / Coupe 1/24th Mini