Find the full results of the 2017 series by clicking here. This excel file covers both the Racing and Concours, however we are still trying to figure out how to sort this in winner order, so please bear with us (or if there is an Excel “wiz” out there, you help would be appreciated !!

On other stuff;-  The Stewards have been working hard on a simplified version of the rules for 2018 which is now ready (thanks also go to Sandy Grant for the tech sketches).  You will find links below for the rules and also the sketches. These are in A4 PDF format for simple download and printing.

We look forward to seeing all you guys at Round One on the 22nd April at North London for the start of another great season of Retro!

UKRRA 2017 Final results.xlsx DOWNLOADS  all downloads below are PDF A4 Sporting Rules Rules for all classes Saloon Diagram F 1 Diagram Can-Am Diagram Tottenham and Retro Sports Diagram Sporting regs 2018.pdf 2018 rules 04.01.18..pdf saloon.pdf F1.pdf camam.pdf tot.retrosport.pdf RACE SERIES NEWS