FLELV.1.jpg RC.1.jpg race1.JPG racers.JPG 2.JPG Imported Photos 00003.JPG Imported Photos 00011.JPG * Please Note;-  Due to height & safety considerations the minimum age for racers is 7-10 years.  Racers under age 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult. 1.JPG 9.JPG 2.JPG 5.JPG 4.JPG 7.JPG 6.JPG

A Typical race format for 18 racers would include ;- Race format  and instruction briefing.

6 practice sessions (2 practice sessions per driver).

One minute qualifying run for each racer to allocate start positions for segmented race.

3 x  6 racer segemented Race (6 sequential races, one race on each lane with total laps to count.

Final race for the top six racers.  Time scale approx. 2 ½  to 3 hours.

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