Welcome to PRO-AM 2020!   The series dedicated to low cost, close, competitive racing!

As the series progresses this page will feature race results and championship standings.

All participating clubs are request to submit either excel format results or Lapmaster results so we can make the results process efficient.

You will also find downloadable file for A4 ands A3 posters and Race rules in Jpeg and PDF format.

All results should be emailed to abslotsport@btinternet.com for inclusion in the championship stats.

Mail: abslotsport@btinternet.com?subject=Race results / enquiries RULES DOWNLOADS Jpeg file A4 pdf File POSTER DOWNLOADS Jpeg file A4 pdf file A3 pdf file rules.1.jpg rules.1.pdf A3 POSTER.jpg POSTER.pdf A3 POSTER.pdf RACE DATES