1/28th Scale Formula One Falcon Pro Above;-  Typical 1/24 scale Introsport car Above  D3 Formula One, Scratch built chassis 1/24th  Scale cars D3 Can Am, Scratch Built  chassis 1/24th Scale cars Above;-  1/32 Falcon Pro Sports Above;-  “Tottenham Rules” , 1/24th scale scratch builts with original pre ‘71 motors and traditional build chassis. Above ;-  D3 Saloon 1/24th. Scratch built chassis.

Start Slot Car Racing at Raceway 81 !

If you wish to start racing at Raceway 81 we have a very special deal for newcomers which is economical and will give you a great introduction to the sport!

You can start racing with just One Car which is reasonably priced and by just swapping the body types you can race in any of the 1/24th scale scale classes marked on the race program in Green.  One of our top racers will help you maintain your car which has the capability of being able to race with the best, while being both strong and reliable. This ensures a low cost, easy introduction to the sport and allows you to race on a weekly basis and develop your skill and interest without the attendant costs of additional equipment usually associated with racing.

Newcomers to the sport can race our 1/24th scale House cars in INTROSPORT on Thursday evenings.

Pay us a visit and ask for details!

Novice / newcomer racers may race an approved GT12 type chassis fitted with a Falcon motor in the following classes :-

Falcon Production 1/24th Saloon, Falcon Pro Sports 1/24th, Retro Saloon, Retro Can Am /Coupe  (only a suitable body change is required)

+ a number of 1/32 Falcon Pro Sports House cars will be available for novices if they wish to race on that night.

Race Classes

Tuesday Nights
1/24th Production FK Saloon (new rules)   & Retro Can - Am

 1/28th  - 1/32nd scale Formula One   &  Retro Formula One

 Open Hawk Sports   &     Tottenham & Retro Sports

    1/32nd Scale Sports   &   Retro Saloon

Mini   & 1/24th scale Hard Body                                                                                   

Thursday Nights

Introsport (using control tyres)       


 Race nights in Green are suitable for  Novice/Newcomer type chassis as described above.

 Race nights in RED are also suitable for Novice/Newcomer if house cars are available, or  own Falcon Pro 1/32 chassis used with suitable body. Racers needing cars for these  classes should book them with Graeme or Andy at least 1 week in advance.

Race nights in Yellow require dedicated chassis

RACE NIGHTS AT Raceway 81 ! Tuesday Night Racing	(2 classes per night 1st class starts at 7pm)


1st    Mini  /  1/24th scale Hard Body

8th  1/24th FK production Saloon   /  Retro Can-Am

15th    1/28th Formula one  /  Retro Formula One

22nd  Open Hawk 1/24 Sports  / 1/24th Tottenham-Retro Sports

29 th  1/32 FK Sports  /  Retro Saloon


5th  Boys Brigade race night

12th 1/24th FK production Saloon   /  Retro Can-Am

1/24th FK Production Saloon

Events 2018

March 18th Prize Race

June 9/10 UKRRA Round 2


A typical Open Hawk Sports 1/24th scale car 1.24boc2012 00005.JPG

Above;-  1/24th Mini

New LED Track Lighting now installed THURSDAY EVENINGS - INTROSPORT - EVERY WEEK TUESDAY EVENING RACING AS PER THE PROGRAM BELOW. Thursday evenings - always introsport!


1/24th Scale hard Body