Racers please note that due to changes in the Concours judging procedure and also wing heights in Tottenaham and Retro Sport, a number of changes have been made to the rules in this regard.

The rule change / rule change proposal procedure has been confirmed which is in line with the procedure used some years back in  the previous round of minor changes and also reflect changes in software availability to ensure that this is democratic, transparent and secure.

Race series organisers should pay special attention to the Sporting regulations, as these now specify the tech inspection routine and concours judging format  which should be adopted at all series races. Voting slips will be supplied by the host club for each race in the series.

General rule book Sporting regulations Saloon drawing Formula One drawing Tottenham/Retro general drawing Tottenham rear wing revisions drawing 2019 2019 rules.pdf Sporting regs 2019 draft.pdf saloon.pdf F1.pdf camam.pdf tot.retrosport.pdf wing revisions 50mm final.pdf ANOTHER GREAT YEARS RACING AHEAD! 2019 race dates and location info Click venue for location information North Lodon location map.pdf bscraopen124