Round 1, Raceway 81 26th September, Round 2, 17th October Pinewood,

Final, 21st November Nat’s Track


Welcome to a Great Simplified Pro-Am Series!

2021 sees Pro-Am Change in that Pro and Am drivers will be split by their BSCRA ranking.


1) Any commercially available chassis with a retail kit price not exceeding £40.00

2) JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk 7 BB, JK Hawk Retro, Falcon 7 motor.

3) Free gear ratio

4) Max width 64mm, Max wing height 32.5mm

5)  Any 1/32 scale Sports LMP body, Open or closed and commercially available.

6)  No additional aero devices are allowed.                

1/32 F2

1) Any commercially available chassis with a retail kit price not exceeding £50.00

2) JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk Retro, Falcon 7 motor.

3) Free Gear ratio

4) Max width 68mm, Max wing height 30mm.

5) Any commercially available 1/32 scale Formula One Body from any era providing it fits the chassis and specified dimensions.

1/24 Sports

1) An commercially available 1/24 scale Sports LMP body, Open or closed. No Wing Car Bodies. No additional aero devices are allowed.                

2) Any 1/24th scale production chassis or GT12 laser chassis kit price not exceeding £40.00

3) Any commercially available, mass produced, sealed, unopened, FK motor. (Not to include   FK size motors with removable, conventional endbells).

4) Free gear ratio.

5) Max width 83mm, Max wing height 38mm.

Race format (all events 4 or 6 lane tracks) 1 minute qualifying, 3 minute race segments, all laps to count, win from any heat.

Qualifying lap totals will be added to the finished lap scores in all races

In ALL classes;- Bodies must be a minimum of 2 colours and carry 2 racing numbers. All cars must have a 3 dimensional driver either as a portion of the cockpit moulding on Open cab bodies or on an interior sheet where the driver is not an integral part of the body moulding. It is not acceptable to mount drivers on the chassis. Interiors/drivers must be mounted to the body shell in the correct location.

CONCOURSE;- One car per meeting will be chosen as the Concours winner and 2 points will be

awarded to the driver in which ever class the car belongs.

Hosting clubs are required to supply race results in either Lapmaster results files or excel format.

Racers count 2 out of the 3 rounds for their Final Series Result.

Note;- Hawk 7BB is not legal as 1/32 F2 counts to the F2 BSCRA series.


8am doors open, practice until 9.50 followed by driver briefing.

Scrutineering for 32sport to start at 9,30, .

Qualifying to start at 10am all laps to count, followed by 8 x 3 minute finals , win from any final.

Dependant on entry qualifying may be from the overall sports result but all cars will be teched.

1.24th Qualifying will have tech and qualifying prior to 8x 3 finals.

Wishing all you lucky guys a great days racing.  Due to time scales, covid and any other reasonable excuse (including P Harwood stacking his car!) it has been decided to present this years trophies at the first round of the 2022 series.