Club Championships start from the 25th of April. Results will be published here on a weekly basis.

Initially 2 classes will be run;-

1)Tuesdays;-  Introsport;-  1/24th scale with sports and LMP bodies, Open choice of chassis, Hawk 7 motors and a fixed gear ratio of 9/37.  Tire choice is free. A break out lap time is set prior to the race.

2) Thursdays;-  1/24th Production Saloon;-  2 piece pressed chassis (BSCRA legal) with a choice of Hawk 7, or G12 motors, BSCRA/ISRA approved Saloon bodies, free choice of gear ratio and tyres.

Future classes will include Open Hawk Sports (open chassis choice, Hawk 6 motors with Proslot/Koford Hawk armatures, fixed 12/42 gear ratio and sports bodies, free choice of tires) and Retro classes to UKRRA rules. These may be run on the same club nights as the above classes (time allowing) or will rotate through the calendar.

Racing in 2020 . Club night racing will be the same classes as 2019 with Introsport racing on Tuesdays and 1/24 Saloon racing on Thursdays.  We will also reprise racing some of the older classes on Tuesdays as and additional class starting with 1/24th Mini  on  the 7th of January and then 1/32 sports on the 14th January.  As we will race 2 classes on these evenings it is envisaged that we should start qualifying for the first class of the night by 7pm.  1/32 sports may be run with sports car lmp bodies or to the 2020 Pro-Am Rules  (these rules are posted at the club and also available as a download (click here)


Track Record

Dave Lees

Laps;- 258.34   Ave seconds per lap 4.181

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Track Record Hawk 7

Andrew Brown-Searle

Laps;- 243.34   Ave seconds per lap 4.438


Track Record Retro Formula One

George Kimber

Laps 232.85     Ave seconds per lap 4.638


Track Record Retro Saloon

George Kimber

Laps 221.18  Ave seconds per lap 4.883


Track Record Hawk 7

George Kimber

Laps;- 282.72   Ave seconds per lap 3.820

Track Record G12

George Kimber

Laps;- 282.91    Ave seconds per lap 3.817

Second ¼ Saloon FINAL YEAR END Introsport Final Year End Production Saloon rules.pdf