Race Classes & Club Nights

Club Night Racing is open to all. Visitors are welcome and on Introsport nights Loaner cars are available to race.

Introsport is the base club class offering good performance and close racing.

On theme evenings we race a range of different classes including “Retro” cars as raced in the UKRRA series and also a number of other classes including Formula One, Mini, modern Saloon and Sports cars offering different challenges, speeds and techniques.

Club evenings start from 6.30pm with qualification for the class to be raced at 7.20pm

Initially the club will concentrate on 2 classes. This will expand over time.

1) Introsport;-  1/24th scale with sports and LMP bodies, Open choice of chassis, Hawk 7 motors, open choice of gear ratios. Ultimate bodies are allowed   Tire choice is free. This class is now a handicap series. As an experiment we will also allow JK Hawk 9 motors in this class for racers to see if they like the motor. As this is now a handicap class it will not substantially effect championship results.

2) 1/24th Production Saloon;-  2 piece pressed chassis (BSCRA legal) with a choice of Hawk 7, or G12 motors, BSCRA/ISRA approved Saloon bodies, free choice of gear ratio and tyres.

Future classes will include Open Hawk Sports (open chassis choice, Hawk 6 motors with Proslot/Koford Hawk armatures, fixed 12/42 gear ratio and sports bodies, free choice of tires) and Retro classes to UKRRA rules.

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