The 2020 rule book is now available here as PDF Downloads

Racers please note that due to changes in the Concours judging procedure and also wing heights in Tottenaham and Retro Sport, a number of changes have been made to the rules in this regard.

Please check out the Paragraphs in the General rules which have been clarified in regard to FK motors in Saloon, F1 and Can-Am (J - Motors page 2)  and also the additional aero material rules (3A, Page 9)

Race series organisers should pay special attention to the Sporting regulations, as these now specify the tech inspection routine and concours judging format  which should be adopted at all series races. Voting slips will be supplied by the host club for each race in the series.

General rule book Sporting regulations Saloon drawing Formula One drawing Tottenham/Retro general drawing Tottenham rear wing revisions drawing 2019 2020 rules.pdf Sporting regs 2020.1.pdf saloon.pdf F1.pdf camam.pdf tot.retrosport.pdf wing revisions 50mm final.pdf ANOTHER GREAT YEARS RACING AHEAD! 2020 race dates and location info Click venue for location information North Lodon location map.pdf pro-am 2023 PLEASE NOTE THE 2020 RULEBOOK is still under Final construction. There may be a few clarifications In the coming couple of weeks.

There have been a number of requests for rule changes for the 2023 season therefore all racers who have competed at UKRRA events from the 2019 season forward to 2022 are entitled to vote in regard to the proposed changes.  Below you will find links to download the polling form in either Jpeg or PDF format. Please download the form in whichever format is best for you, fill in the form with your preferred options and email the completed form to before the 20th of December. You can use the pdf form to fill in on your computer or print the Jpeg form, fill it in by hand, take a photograph of the completed form and send that.

Should you have a problem using either of the optional forms, just send a detailed email with your preferred options. Dont forget to add your name!

Download form as A Jpeg file CLICK HERE Download form as A PDF file Click Here When you have completed and save the form email to UKRRA-Racer-Poll-2022.2.jpg UKRRA-Racer-Poll-2022 (1).pdf